$49 Down! And Pay the Payment on the Window!

Purchasing a used vehicle can be stressful and confusing. With a lot of fine print and hidden fees, you rarely pay what you originally intended to spend--at Reno Tahoe Auto Group, we're committed to delivering precisely the amount you intended to spend. Further proving our promise to serving our community through offering both quality and affordability, our down payment for our used vehicles is a mere $49! Whether seeking a new commuting sedan, family SUV or weekend sports car, Reno Tahoe Auto Group stocks extensive inventory of a variety of makes and models for a variety of drivers and budgets.

Pay the Price You See on The Windshield

Whatever price is listed on the vehicle of your choice, is the price you pay plus the almost negligible $49 down payment--additionally, any written offer that may undercut our offered price elsewhere, we'll beat by $300! With an array of used vehicles to select from, and an expert sales team to assist you in finding your ideal vehicle within your budget, Reno Tahoe Auto Group strives to deliver an unparalleled purchasing experience that's streamlined and stress-free!

Affordability and Honesty--Reno Tahoe Auto Group

Used vehicles often face the unfortunate stigma of being inferior to newer vehicles--however, if properly maintained and purchased from a reputable dealer, used vehicles sometimes outlast new vehicles! Ultimately, proper maintenance in conjunction with a trustworthy dealer yield an exceptionally high-quality vehicle, at a far more affordable price than purchasing the newest variant. Stop by Reno Tahoe Auto Group today to view our inventory of used vehicles, or to speak with a sales professional about which vehicle will best suit your needs and fit your budget. If you've already found a vehicle of interest, give us a call to schedule a test drive!