Consider Future Repairs When Deciding on Which Warranty Best Fits

Car repair is an issue that you should keep in mind when planning your purchase of a new vehicle. How much would have to pay out of pocket to have a component fixed set you back? Answers to this question should help you decide on whether to purchase a drivetrain warranty or a bumper to bumper warranty.

A drivetrain warranty provides coverage on the high dollar components which actually propel your vehicle. These include the engine, differential, transmissions, and other related components. The bumper to bumper warranty is more all-inclusive incorporating coverage of the parts included in the powertrain warranty but adding coverage to the suspension, A/C, electronics, and other parts and systems. Generally, the cost of bumper to bumper will be more because it covers more things, yet the drivetrain adds value by covering the most expensive parts.

If you need help deciding which is best for you, then come visit our team of mechanics at Reno Tahoe Auto Group. We'll answer any questions that you may have today!

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