Which Drivetrain Best Suits Your Needs?

At one time, almost all the cars on the road were rear-wheel drive. Now, most vehicles are front-wheel drive, but there are still several rear-wheel drive vehicles available. What is good about each?

A rear-wheel drive vehicle normally has a less choppy ride. That is why you see the rear-wheel drive on a lot of luxury cars. Many sports cars have rear-wheel drive due to superior handling. Front-wheel drive cars have one very important feature. A front-wheel drive vehicle has better traction in the snow. There is more weight on the power wheels, and the car is pulling instead of being pushed. Rear-wheel drive vehicles have a tendency to slip around in bad traction conditions.

If you want to explore a selection of rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive vehicles, contact our staff at Reno Tahoe Auto Group. The professionals here will be more than happy to guide you to your ideal drivetrain.

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