Used cars frequently face the unfortunate stigma that they are inherently worse than new vehicles - a pervasive myth, amongst many others surrounding used cars, that simply doesn't hold up. While new cars feature the latest in technology, many new vehicles often suffer the malfunction of those very systems that drive their prices up so high. Used cars, trucks and SUVs from recent or more distant model years, offer significant savings alongside dependable performance for years to come when properly maintained. Newer doesn't always mean better - some used models are built to outlast their modern iterations!

"Used Cars Are Unreliable"

When properly maintained, used cars are capable of offering the same (if not better) reliability as new vehicles. If neglected, a new vehicle will suffer consistent breakdowns and expensive fixes. Ultimately, a driver's maintenance and driving style of their vehicle ultimately determines its reliability.

"Used Cars Never Last Longer Than New Cars"

Many used vehicles from the early 2000s, 1990s and earlier are still regularly used as Reno residents' daily drivers. Straightforward and robust in their construction, older used cars are often capable of outlasting new ones when properly maintained.

"New Cars Are Better Engineered/Built Than Used Cars"

More intricate construction doesn't necessarily mean superior - many older used cars are renowned and highly sought-after by automotive enthusiasts for their straightforward and reliable engineering. Additionally, while many new vehicles boast active safety systems, the past decade of automotive manufacturing has brought about many passive and active technologies that have dramatically increased the overall safety of cars, trucks and SUVs. Chances are, whatever pre-owned vehicle you choose from our inventory will offer formidable safety specifications to ensure your peace of mind.

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