When you're buying a used vehicle, one of the first things that you probably consider is reliability. After all, a used vehicle already has some miles on it, and you want to know that it will last. That's why we offer Reno drivers the option for an innovative lifetime engine warranty on most of our used vehicles. Learn more today.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

When it comes to a vehicle's engine, you have to consider the wear and tear that the engine's components take over the years. Because of that, some used vehicles could only be a couple of miles away from disaster. By having a lifetime engine warranty on many of their vehicles, Reno Tahoe Auto Group allows the used vehicle owner to have the ultimate peace of mind.

You may be wondering how we can possibly stand behind a used vehicle's engine for its entire lifetime. The answer is simple, all used vehicles here are quality inspected. That means every part of every engine is carefully scrutinized by a top team of technicians. If there is any problem with the vehicle's engine, it's serviced and brought up to our high standards. That means all used vehicles offered have an engine that performs at the very peak of its abilities in Sparks.

Saving You Money Down the Road

Engine repair is one of the most costly expenses when it comes to vehicle service. That's why getting a used vehicle with a lifetime engine warranty is a smart choice. Over the lifetime ownership of your vehicle, a lifetime engine warranty could save you thousands of dollars.

Certain vehicle restrictions do apply The lifetime engine warranty is available to most used vehicles in the dealer's inventory. However, the warranty does not apply to vehicles with over 100,000-miles, luxury highline vehicles, and diesel models. If you want to know exactly which vehicles are eligible for the lifetime engine warranty, please contact your dealer near Carson City today.


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