$49 Down! And Pay the Payment on the Window!

Purchasing a used vehicle can be stressful and confusing. With a lot of fine print and hidden fees, you rarely pay what you originally intended to spend--at Reno Tahoe Auto Group, we're committed to delivering precisely the amount you intended to spend. Further proving our promise to serving our community through offering both quality and affordability, our down payment for our used vehicles is a mere $49! Whether seeking a new commuting sedan, family SUV or weekend sports car, 

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Keep Your Wipers in Good Shape

When you are driving in the rainy conditions in Reno, you need a good set of windshield wipers to help you see the road. It's important that you have a good set of wipers so you don't experience difficulty at a really bad time.

Windshield wipers can wear out for a number of different reasons. If it is really hot or really cold, this will cause the rubber in the wipers to deteriorate. 

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Don’t Get Stranded. Learn How to Jump Start Your Car.

Jump starting a car is a simple skill that can save you from getting stranded and needing to get your car towed. Follow these simple steps and get your car back on the road in no time.

To jump start a car, you'll need a working car and a set of jumper cables. Attach the red jumper cable to the positive battery terminals in the dead and working cars. 

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Which Drivetrain Best Suits Your Needs?

At one time, almost all the cars on the road were rear-wheel drive. Now, most vehicles are front-wheel drive, but there are still several rear-wheel drive vehicles available. What is good about each?

A rear-wheel drive vehicle normally has a less choppy ride. That is why you see the rear-wheel drive on a lot of luxury cars. Many sports cars have rear-wheel drive due to superior handling. Front-wheel drive cars have one very important feature. A front-wheel drive vehicle has better traction in the snow.

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Consider Future Repairs When Deciding on Which Warranty Best Fits

Car repair is an issue that you should keep in mind when planning your purchase of a new vehicle. How much would have to pay out of pocket to have a component fixed set you back? Answers to this question should help you decide on whether to purchase a drivetrain warranty or a bumper to bumper warranty.

A drivetrain warranty provides coverage on the high dollar components which actually propel your vehicle. These include the engine, differential, transmissions, and other related components. The bumper to bumper warranty is more all-inclusive incorporating coverage of the parts included...

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Tire Rotations Extend the Life of Your Tires

It's important to take good care of your tires in Reno. It's natural for the tread to wear unevenly based on where you drive and whether you have front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. Uneven wear can result in you replacing your tires with greater frequency, which is why you should have tire rotations performed regularly.

At Reno Tahoe Auto Group, you can visit our service center. We will perform the tire rotations for you to ensure that the tread will wear more evenly. We may move the front to the back and even alternate the tires from right to…

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Preparing Your Vehicle for The Long Haul

If you're thinking of taking a road trip, we'll help you get there safely. We have trained technicians that will diagnose your vehicle and, if necessary, get the work done for you promptly at an affordable price. Here are some "DIY" tips you can follow before visiting us.

  • Check all lights inside and outside the vehicle with the help of a friend or family member.
  • Check all fluid levels and top off if necessary. Schedule an oil change if necessary.
  • Check all tire tread and spare tire. Inflate all tires to the proper air pressure.
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Put Safety First with New Brake Pads

Brakes do more than stop the car. Today's brakes can regulate each wheel individually, ensuring stability on an uneven surface and keeping the driver in control on a slick road. Reno, NV driving is safer and easier with effective brake pads.

Before the invention of brake pads, drivers were forced to replace drums and rotors, a very costly repair. By providing a buffer between the two metal components, brake pads made braking more effective. Pads make it possible to extend the road life of the system. 

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Try Our Online Service Scheduler

How would you like to be able to schedule and maintain your vehicle's service appointments at any time of day or night, with just a couple clicks of a button? Sound easy enough? Well, it is. We here at Reno Tahoe Auto Group know how busy your day to day life can be which is why we want to make sure that taking care of your appointments and vehicle service is very simple. Our online scheduler tool is designed to make setting up appointments a breeze.

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The Case for All Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

If you've never considered purchasing an all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle, now is the time to act. Automobile manufacturers are not only discounting these features heavily; they even include them as standard on some vehicles. If you're uncertain about the idea, Reno Tahoe Auto Group would like to provide you with some information.

All-wheel and four-wheel drive both provide similar benefits. You're probably already aware that these features provide better traction and handling. Those who experience disrupted driving of any sort are great candidates.

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