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s part of Reno drivers' routine maintenance, tire rotation remains a crucial component to ensuring your vehicle's ride remains smooth, and your tires wear evenly. Whether you're regularly carrying large payloads in the cargo area or your SUV, or the bed of your pickup truck, or simply commuting throughout Reno daily, slight differences in the weight distribution on your vehicle's tires creates uneven wear.

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To avoid potentially needing to buy new tires due to one or two wearing significantly faster than the others, bring your vehicle to a reputable service technician at Reno Tahoe Auto Group to determine whether or not your tires need rotating. Whether in winter, summer, spring or fall, changes in road conditions and driving styles may influence the speed in which your tires wear, and their wear pattern - should you experience an unusual vibration in your vehicle's handling, or if you vehicle appears to list toward one corner, there's a chance you may require immediate tire rotation. Regularly checking with a service mechanic can help to prevent any potential wear, resulting in tire rotation as another crucial component of vehicle ownership and routine upkeep.

Why Rotate My Tires?

Regularly rotating your tires ensures that they wear evenly, preventing slight instability and maintaining a smooth ride. Wheels and tires regularly require rotation and alignment to ensure optimal stability and performance, upholding your vehicle's handling manners, efficiency, and predictability. Additionally, new tires are expensive - with regular tire rotation, spreading the wear evenly between all tires ensures your current set lasts significantly longer than they would without regular rotation. Typically, an interval of between six and eight thousand miles passes before your require another tire rotation - however, should you notice uncharacteristic handling, or utilize your vehicle outside normal standards, checking your vehicle's tire wear yourself or with the help of a professional may prevent excessive wear.

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Stop by Reno Tahoe Auto Group to speak with a service professional about tire rotations, and their importance. Committed to assisting in giving Reno area drivers the peace of mind they require in their vehicles, Reno Tahoe Auto Group's expert service mechanics are trained to recognize and repair everything from uneven tire wear to suspension and transmission problems. Give us a call to schedule your next tire rotation today!

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