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At Reno Tahoe Auto Group, our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the purchase of your next vehicle. Routine maintenance and attentive upkeep of your model remains an integral component of upholding its safety, value, and structural integrity.

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Wheel alignment, while seemingly a less important, negligible maintenance task, not only helps in maintaining a comfortable ride and improving fuel efficiency, but prevents excessive strain on components that could ultimately fail and cause an accident if left unaddressed. Necessary to perform if your vehicle's performance is noticeably dampened, your tires show uneven wear, or you've just purchased new tires, Reno area drivers can receive an affordable, expeditious wheel alignment at Reno Tahoe Auto Group.

Why Align Your Wheels?

As mentioned above, wheel alignment impacts more than just ride comfort. If improperly aligned, tires begin to wear in an uneven fashion - often referred to as "cupping". Your wheels may either become "toed in" or "toed out", both of which significantly diminish your vehicle's handling, efficiency, safety and longevity. Purchasing new tires are expensive - as are extensive repairs rom a snapped or otherwise broken drivetrain component that has failed as a result of extensive driving with your wheels unaligned. Another symptom of improper wheel alignment may be experienced in the form of excessive wobbling at a certain speed, or after hitting a sizable bump in the road. Even if your vehicle does not exhibit any blatant symptoms of poor alignment, it's crucial to check your wheel alignment with your mechanic or service technician to ensure your vehicle retains its safety through proper operation. For Reno area drivers, Reno Tahoe Auto Group's expert service technicians utilize their extensive experience to ensure your vehicle remains in top condition through performing wheel alignment as needed.

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Don't wait until your vehicle becomes compromised - following your next tire purchase, or during your next maintenance appointment, have your wheels aligned. At Reno Tahoe Auto Group, we offer wheel alignments for our service area drivers' convenience, expeditiously and carefully aligning your wheels to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. Stop by our dealership today to have your wheels aligned, or give us a call to schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience!

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