Put Safety First with New Brake Pads

Brakes do more than stop the car. Today's brakes can regulate each wheel individually, ensuring stability on an uneven surface and keeping the driver in control on a slick road. Reno, NV driving is safer and easier with effective brake pads.

Before the invention of brake pads, drivers were forced to replace drums and rotors, a very costly repair. By providing a buffer between the two metal components, brake pads made braking more effective. Pads make it possible to extend the road life of the system. Replacing pads on a timely basis is a small inconvenience compared to the much larger expense associated with repairing damaged drums, discs or rotors.

At Reno Tahoe Auto Group, our skilled technicians can help you determine if it's time to replace your brake pads. It's our pleasure to help maintain your car's most important safety features.

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