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Tire Rotations

To avoid potentially needing to buy new tires due to one or two wearing significantly faster than t...


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Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignment, while seemingly a less important, negligible maintenance task, not only helps in m...


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Oil Change

Routine maintenance is a crucial aspect of vehicle ownership. One of the most essential routine mai...


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Reno Tahoe Auto Group Service Department & Repairs

No matter where the road may take you, it is important to stay up to date with your vehicle's service to ensure safe, reliable, and lasting performance. So from time to time, you will need to bring your car, truck or SUV down to Reno Tahoe Auto Group for parts and service from a team of certified professionals. We understand how important your vehicle is and how much you rely on your vehicle every day and we work hard to provide high-quality service in a timely manner. This way you don't miss a beat of your busy day and stay up to date on all of your service needs.

Importance of Routine Service

There are a lot of different moving pieces under the hood that will all need to be serviced to ensure ideal performance. But how often will you need to bring your car, truck or SUV in for service? What services will you need? And what services does Reno Tahoe Auto Group offer? Our service center is capable of covering all of your service needs from oil changes, tire rotations and state inspections to brake repairs and wheel alignments. We want to make sure that Carson City drivers stay up to date with all of the different services their vehicle will need and our service team can create a maintenance schedule that outlines when to bring your vehicle in. We are also available to answer any questions required your vehicles service needs.

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