Winter is here and for many Reno drivers, it is an exciting time of year to get out and enjoy the snow. It is also a time year when you will need to take it slow as conditions can be slick. The best way to ensure safe performance this winter is with proper tires and that maybe snow tires or all-season tires. But what is the difference between the two and which tires are best for you?

When the temperatures start to drop, the snow starts falling, and the roads become slick Carson City drivers will be thankful for their snow tires or all-season tires. Both snow and all-season tires can be used in the winter to help you get where you need to be when conditions are less than ideal. However, depending on your driving habits or vehicle you may be better suited to one type of tire over the other.

  • All Season Tires: Just like their name suggests, all-season tires can be used all year round. This is a nice benefit for some drivers who don't want to purchase two sets of tires and change them over twice a year. All-season tires will provide you with suitable traction and control during the winter. You will want to be mindful of conditions as all-season tires don't feature the same type of treads as snow tires even though they do have deeper treads than summer tires. If you are commuting to work and driving around town All-Season tires are a great option.
  • Snow Tires: If you are a lover of the snow and partake in snow sports you will want to consider snow tires over all-season tires. Snow tires are specifically designed for winter with deep treads for maximum traction. The treading on snow tires are also made from a softer rubber that is more flexible with colder temperatures. Another reason to consider snow tires is they feature narrow slits into the read to create a rough surface that will perform better on icy conditions. Snow tires are also available with "studs" for additional traction and control on slick roads.

If you haven’t already swapped your tires over give our service center a call today so we can get you in as soon as possible! Or if you need new tires to safely get through the winter our parts team is here to help you find the correct size and style for your car, truck or SUV.

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