The heat of the summer is finally upon us here at Reno Tahoe Auto Group. Reno is our home, and though it might bake under the scorching summer sun, there are still plenty of activities to partake in and sights to see around the region. Whether you're interested in paying a visit to the national Automobile museum or you're looking to motor around and stop by the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino for a weekend of gambling and fine dining -- you're ultimately going to require a vehicle that's in prime condition to get you there. Reno Tahoe Auto Group is a popular destination for drivers in and around Reno. Check out our three summer car service tips below before scheduling an appointment.

Three Quick Summer Car Care Service Tips to Complete Before Hitting the Road

  1. Check Your Air Conditioning System and Have it Repaired: Having a vehicle that's comfortable to travel in is essential for any driver that calls Reno home. If your vehicle's air conditioning system hasn't been blowing the cold, crisp air it once was, get it fixed at our onsite service center before you find yourself baking under the sun in heavy rush hour traffic -- you'll be happy you did.
  2. Check Your Vehicle's Essential Fluids: Every car, truck, and SUV runs slightly differently. The best way to ensure that your specific model is fit for motoring around the deserts of Nevada this summer is to check its fluid levels. Reno Tahoe Auto Group regularly provides oil changes, transmission fluid exchanges and top-offs, coolant fluid changes, and more to drivers throughout Reno. After popping the hood of your vehicle, you might find that it simply requires some windshield washer fluid. It's always better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Check Your Vehicle's Coolant System: As one of the hottest states in the nation, our vehicles endure quite a bit throughout the year. Keeping your engine cool is paramount for anyone that calls Reno home. One of our experts will be pleased to inspect your model for any coolant leaks at joints and connection points in addition to checking the level of coolant fluid in your vehicle.

Schedule a service appointment today to embark on your summer travels with absolute peace of mind behind the wheel.

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